With vite-plugin-ssr we can create:

  • SSR pages
  • SPA pages (aka MPA)
  • HTML-first pages (zero/minimal browser-side JavaScript)

For example, we can render an admin panel as SPA while rendering marketing pages to HTML-first.

The rule of thumb is to render a page to:

  • HTML-first, if the page has no interactivity (technically speaking: if the page has no stateful component). Example: blog, portfolio/homepage, non-interactive marketing pages.
  • SPA, if the page has interactivity and doesn't need SEO (e.g. the page doesn't need to appear on Google). Example: admin panel, desktop-like web app.
  • SSR, if the page has interactivity and needs SEO (the page needs to rank high on Google). Example: social news website, interactive marketing pages.

Also, if our page is often viewed on mobile devices, then SSR is important in order to quickly display content to our users before the entire JavaScript loads & executes (which is usually very slow on mobile).

To render a page as SPA, we simply render HTML that is static:

// .page.server.js
// Environment: Node.js

import { escapeInject } from 'vite-plugin-ssr'

export function render() {
  // `div#app-root` is empty; the HTML is static.
  return escapeInject`<html>
      <title>My Website</title>
      <div id="app-root"/>

To render a page to HTML-only, we simply define an empty .page.client.js:

// .page.client.js
// Environment: Browser

// We leave this empty; there is no browser-side JavaScript.

// We can still include CSS
import './path/to/some.css'
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