We can use vite-plugin-vercel to deploy to Vercel.

vite-plugin-vercel is in Beta.


We can also manually setup Vercel:

  1. Load dist/server/importBuild.js in your Vercel serverless function. Example: /examples/vercel/vercel/render.js.

    Behind the scenes, Vercel bundles your serverless function and therefore needs to know its entire dependency tree; importBuild.js enables Vercel to discover the entire dependency tree of your serverless function.

  2. Define a script. Example: /examples/vercel/vercel/

  3. Define package.json#scripts['vercel-build'] along with Example: /examples/vercel/package.json.

    Vercel discards all files generated by That's why we need to use package.json#scripts['vercel-build'].

While/after adding your Git repository to Vercel, set the following in Vercel's web UI:

  1. Set FRAMEWORK PRESET to Other.

  2. Add a new environment variable named ENABLE_FILE_SYSTEM_API and set its value to 1.


We can use Vercel's Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) by using vite-plugin-vercel which has ISR support.

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