vite-plugin-ssr has been renamed Vike, see migration guide.


In some situations we don't want to pre-render a page. For example a news page that displays the latest news fetched from a database should be rendered at request-time and certainly not at build-time.

We can use .page.server.js#noNoPrerender to tell vite-plugin-ssr to skip a page from pre-rendering.

// /pages/news.page.server.js

export const doNotPrerender = true

We can define doNotPrerender also in .page.js files, but not in .page.client.js files (because .page.client.js files are never loaded in Node.js).


We can define doNotPrerender in _default.page. files.

For example, to make pre-rendering opt-in instead of opt-out:

// /renderer/_default.page.server.js

// By default, our pages are not pre-rendered
export const doNotPrerender = true
// /pages/about-us.page.js

// Opt-in pre-rendering
export const doNotPrerender = false

This is especially handy with Domain-Driven File Structure:

// /pages/mareting/_default.page.server.js

// We use Domain-Driven File Structure and `_default.page.server.js` applies to
// all our marketing pages.

// Enable pre-rendering for all our marketing pages
export const doNotPrerender = false

Conditional pre-rendering

We can pre-render pages conditionally:

// /renderer/_default.page.server.js

export const doNotPrerender = isCmsPreview() ? true : false

This is particularly useful for previewing CMS pages (we don't want to pre-renderer a CMS preview deploy).

Note that prerender() hooks are always called, regardless of doNotPrerender. If we want to call prerender() hooks conditionally as well:

export const doNotPrerender = someCondition() ? true : false
export const prerender = doNotPrerender ? undefined : myPrerenderHook