To use vite-plugin-ssr's debug logs:

# Inspect the routing
DEBUG=vps:routing npm run dev
# Inspect what `.page.js` files are found and how they are treated
DEBUG=vps:pageFiles npm run dev
# Inspect HTTP Streaming
DEBUG=vps:stream npm run dev

These debug logs allow you to understand how vite-plugin-ssr thinks of your app. For example, to figure out why your app is 404'ing, you can use vps:routing and vps:pageFiles.

There are also vps:glob / vps:extractAssets / vps:extractExportNames but these are meant for vite-plugin-ssr maintainers.

If you want more debug logs, add a comment at #249.


To enable Vite's debug logs, set the environment variable DEBUG to vite:*.

$ DEBUG=vite:* npm run dev

In case you stumbled upon a Vite bug, we recommend to directly inspect Vite's built source code at node_modules/vite/, for example by injecting console.log() calls to bisect down the bug.

It may sound scary to dig into Vite's source code, but it's actually often a faster (and a more interesting ;-)) way to find the root cause of problems. Vite's source code is well written and pleasurable to read. It also get's you closer to actually being able to fix the problem and, if you open a Vite PR, feel free to reach out to the vite-plugin-ssr maintainers to get your PR merged quicker.