The export { filesystemRoutingRoot } of allows us to change the base of Filesystem Routing.

For example:

/marketing/pages/index/ # Landing page (URL: `/`)
/marketing/pages/about/ # About page (URL: `/about`)
/marketing/pages/jobs/ # Jobs page (URL: `/jobs`)
/marketing/ # Route to `/*` instead of `/marketing/*` (see below)
// /marketing/

// We route our marketing pages to `/*` instead of `/marketing/*`
export const filesystemRoutingRoot = '/'

Which results in following route table:

PROJECT FILES                                    URL
/marketing/pages/index/             /
/marketing/pages/about/             /about
/marketing/pages/jobs/              /jobs

filesystemRoutingRoot is especially useful for domain-driven file structure.

Do not use filesystemRoutingRoot to change the base URL of your app, see the Base URL guide instead.

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