vite-plugin-ssr has been renamed Vike, see migration guide.

File Structure

To get familiar with vite-plugin-ssr, we recommend to read the React Tour or Vue Tour, or to play with the boilerplates ($ npm init vite-plugin-ssr@latest).

For advanced apps we recommend a domain-driven file structure with multiple pages/ directories, while for basic apps we recommend a single pages/ directory.

Basic Apps

# Landing page (URL: `/`)
/pages/index/**/* # More files specific to the landing page
# About page (URL: `/about`)
/pages/about/**/* # More files specific to the about page
# Other pages (we recommend creating a directory for each page, e.g.
# `/pages/about/index.page.js` instead of `/pages/about.page.js`)

# Components shared by several pages

# Code that specifies how our pages are rendered
/renderer/PageShell.js  # The root (React/Vue/...) component that wraps the `Page` component
/renderer/PageShell.css # exported by `/pages/**/*.page.js`.
/renderer/Header.js # Our website header
/renderer/Footer.js # Our website footer
/renderer/logo.svg # Our website logo

# Express.js/Fastify/... code



# Marketing pages
/marketing/pages/index/index.page.js # Landing page (URL: `/`)
/marketing/pages/about/index.page.js # About page (URL: `/about`)
/marketing/pages/jobs/index.page.js # Jobs page (URL: `/jobs`)
/marketing/_default.page.route.js # Route to `/*` instead of `/marketing/*` (see below)

# Auth related code & pages

# All code related to products

# Same as "Basic Apps" above
// /marketing/_default.page.route.js

// We route our marketing pages to `/*` instead of `/marketing/*`
export const filesystemRoutingRoot = '/'
// /product/pages/product/index.page.route.js

// We can use a Route String (or Route Function) to define parameterized routes
// and/or to override Filesystem Routing.
export default '/product/@productId'

Resulting route table:

PROJECT FILES                                    URL
/marketing/pages/index/index.page.js             /
/marketing/pages/about/index.page.js             /about
/marketing/pages/jobs/index.page.js              /jobs

/auth/pages/signup/index.page.js                 /auth/signup
/auth/pages/login/index.page.js                  /auth/login

/products/pages/index/index.page.js              /products
/products/pages/product/index.page.js            /product/@productId

Same as for basic apps, we recommend creating a directory for each page, e.g. /products/pages/index/index.page.js instead of /products/pages/index.page.js.


See also:


We can embed pages/ in src/:

/src/pages/index/index.page.js # => URL: `/`
/src/pages/about/index.page.js # => URL: `/about`

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